In the summer of 1990, Jenny with her parents incorporated Sino-sing International Corp, USA.  In the 20+ years since, the company has growth to what it is now – an industrial leader – and developed extensive experience in the design, production, and decoration of drinkware products in China and the United State.  Our focus is in the design process; where we are able to apply thoughtful creativity towards bring forward new shapes, colors, material, finishes, etc. to the drinkware industry. We have also been able to cultivate key relationship with top factories and manufactures in China, which help take our designs from canvas to counter top.

With many years of experience in doing business in Asia. We know our factories and their key directors on a personal level. We are always looking for new opportunities and partnerships. Our product lines are expanding every year, and we welcome any inquiries on items you are looking for, whether or not we currently carry them. Special projects we have done for our customers include tote bags, hats, hand painted ornaments, coffee canisters and melamine trays. If you are looking for something special, we can definitely help you.
Our main office is located in Northern New Jersey. We also have offices in Hong Kong and China. We use warehouses in Baltimore, MD, where orders are shipped from. We stock over 80 different items in various colors in ceramic, stainless steel, glass and plastic.

We have the capability to coordinate and combine factory deliveries. Our customers save money on freight and inventory because we offer unsurpassed flexibility on ordering.
No customer is too big or too small. Sino-sing is committed to growth and to providing personal attention to each and every customer. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to working with you.